“I began my work with Maria to explore and hopefully resolve blocks to fertility, which had been a struggle for 2 years. When starting this program, I was caught up in the cycle of emotional ups and downs each month, doubting my body, doubting myself fully and my capability to even get pregnant. I also was struggling with sex due to the stress of timing and frequency. I really felt stuck in this limbo and repeating story of “I can’t have what I want in my life”. It really felt like time to make some internal shifts as well as find some peace regarding the process, no matter the outcome.

From the start, Maria was incredibly warm and I felt immediately so comfortable and at ease. We had one session to clarify the questionnaire I had filled out, which had me describe in detail things such as my relationship with my parents, and the life I dreamt of. Then we had our session of hypnosis. It felt entirely natural to go right ahead and do that without talking things out further. I really felt as if Maria had truly already seen me and knew exactly what issues might need to come up for resolution all based on the questionnaire. The hypnosis session was in person in her office, which felt like a very safe and private container for inner work. I had never had hypnosis before and so had no expectations for how things should go.

It absolutely blew me away how easy it was to enter the state being guided by Maria. It felt like an incredible internal journey that she was leading me on, and though I did have awareness and memory, my conscious mind was not interfering. The experience was very intense and many emotions, tears, and body sensations came up. Maria helped guide me to really see and speak feelings that I had never allowed myself to acknowledge and it felt as if real understanding was finally possible, as well as true change. At the close of the session, my body and mind both felt the exhaustion of the journey, and yet also a great sense of peace.

I absolutely felt immediate changes and it was incredible to witness the simplicity of how easy it was to change. The whole next week after the session I was totally blissed out. Not only did I feel super confident about getting pregnant (now!), I also felt every aspect of my life was somehow flowing again when it had felt stagnant before. Decisions came easier and interactions felt more genuine and happy. I was able to easily put in my notice at my job, which was something I had planned to do but continued to put off. I felt immensely loved and appreciated for me and this is not something I would normally feel prior to this. I also continued to feel the presence of my younger selves many times throughout the day. It was so easy to relax about pregnancy but it also felt something deeper was restored, and my self worth and self love was back up to where it always should be.

Things normalized after the first week so that I don’t feel like I’m high anymore – but I still feel drastically different. The self-confidence just continued and continues. It felt absolutely inevitable that I would become pregnant quickly, that it would be crazy if it DIDN’T happen. Not only that, I feel as if I can give and accept praise for myself when I never would before, and take very strong notice when a negative thought comes through – as if it is an invader and I must tell it to leave. And then, amazingly, I got my first positive pregnancy test a few weeks later!! It is absolutely unbelievable that my work could have switched something inside me so quickly and yet so believable at the same time because I was so deeply aware of how much change had occurred during our session.

It would be easy to say the biggest change is a pregnancy, but it feels as if it goes much deeper than my main issue. Because the main issue is not the main issue, instead Maria was able to guide me into a healing journey of my self-worth, confidence, and self-love – and I truly feel restoring these has shifted more in me. I feel like I can love myself again. I also deeply appreciate how incredibly fast all this change came about and how there was no time wasted to get to the heart of the issue. Years of therapy danced around so much and in one session with Maria, my life changed completely. I am really still so stunned at how amazing it all is, and to already be pregnant so quickly too.

I absolutely loved Maria, and everything about her way makes for the most calm, loving, and safe experience. I felt as if she was able to really see me, hear me, and get to the heart of the issue directly. I loved working with her so much and she is truly a gifted healer.

I was recommended to Maria by a close friend who also had a very powerful experience. I absolutely recommend Maria to anyone!! I already have, because my loved ones have already seen the change in me. I do feel one has to be ready for a significant change though, and ready to be completely open-minded. It is a vulnerable state to be in and I can imagine it could be difficult for some people to really let go into the experience. I would really encourage people to trust Maria and themselves and to just go with it. I am so blown away by the changes that have occurred and issues that just continued to come up for me over and over have shifted overnight. I really feel anyone can have access to this change when the time is right for them.”

— Erin F.

“My initial conversation with Maria was a refreshing surprise. I immediately felt such comfort with her that I began to let down and cry. I knew then that my subconscious recognized her as a true healer. Maria was gentle and kind. Her program is put together very well. She had a definite direction and the material was well done and professional. I was interested in the RTT especially. Maria does that while following her own intuition and adding the benefit of her previous experience.

Initially, I was feeling very sad and crying a lot in my life. I had hopelessness about ever being able to find a successful mate or have enough finances. Even though I had done Inner Child work before, this time I noticed right away that I felt much different towards the child I met with Maria. As I listened to the hypnosis tape I noticed within a couple of weeks that I was feeling a sweet innocence about myself that I’d never experienced before. I felt fresh and new. I even see a different woman when I look in the mirror. I had been struggling with male relationships and drawing men who were controlling and abusive. During this time I met a sweet man that at first, I ran from. But with doing this work, I began to realize that the child felt safe with me and him and I was able to let him give to me.

I had an episode of anxiety and for the first time, I had memories of that feeling from my childhood. I was able to attach the feeling to specific incidents that happened in the past. This helped me dissolve the anxiety realizing what it was from and why I panicked.
I have even begun to see my body with more ease rather than judgment. I have more work to do with connecting to the child and integrating that part of myself, however, I am very pleased with the progress I have made in the few weeks (30 day program) that Maria worked with me. I will definitely recommend Maria to others.

I just loved talking and interacting with Maria. She is such a joy and so easy to communicate with. Maria is not only very intuitive but stays on top of things making the client feel that she is seriously involved with their healing. I was impressed with how often she checked on me. Maria is generous and kind as well as good at what she does.

I had an excellent experience and I would definitely choose to work with Maria again. Often I’m a bit disappointed in healers as I think they get stuck in a rut. I do not feel this with Maria. Maria is not about herself at all. I felt that it truly was about me.”

— Myrna B., USA

“Before starting my 30-day program with Maria, I was really having so much difficulty feeling good about sex. I never felt comfortable with it or with my body and felt this shame that caused me to push everyone around me away. I had been holding on to shame that wasn’t even mine for YEARS! It caused me to feel like I wasn’t good enough and constantly needed to be in control. I made people around me miserable because I was so guarded. I was very uptight and couldn’t ever just relax. The work we did was so deeply rooted and I felt an immediate shift right after our session!

After our work, I feel like a completely different person. The difference in this short amount of time is unbelievable. I feel free-er, more lightweight and I have this newfound self-love and appreciation for my body that I didn’t have before. I have also embraced my feminine energy and no longer fear sex. I feel so different, I show up the way I wished I could for so long. And, unexpectedly, it had a huge impact on how I show up and am even more visible in my business, too. I would definitely recommend Maria, she helped save me from years of pain that I was silently battling. The work was incredible, life-changing and that will pay out dividends for the rest of my life! I am forever grateful.”

— Esperanza L., USA

“Without being aware of fit, my life before working with Maria felt unsafe and exhausting. I felt fragile and even though there were good moments and days, at the same time something could pull the rug out from under me and it was a huge effort to stabilize myself again. The feeling towards me was very critical to even hostile. I was also judgmental towards others.

After the work with Maria, the feeling towards me has changed completely. I now have a fundamental trust in life. A deep feeling of goodness and safety lives within me now. And of course, there are challenging situations but I don’t fundamentally doubt myself or question my goodness and worthiness. I look compassionately at myself and have a good opinion about me now, which is stable, persistent, and permanent. Everything feels lighter and calmer. Sometimes I even feel that I float or fly. This is wonderful and lovely.
The wish for a change of a particular issue fully and positively happened for me. It didn’t happen overnight but successively over time and shows itself more and more every day.

To work with Maria was a magnificent experience. What touched me the most was the fact that she didn’t attempt to manipulate or influence my healing. Everything that came up and showed itself in the process came completely uninfluenced and voluntary from within me. Maria provided the tools for my healing and guided me through the process. I continuously had the feeling and knowing that it was only about me. At the same time, Maria was holding the space for all my emotions and feelings, and I felt absolutely safe in her care. I especially loved to check in with her regularly, which gave me a feeling of loving care. I continuously felt accompanied and supported through the process.

I would and already have recommended Maria to others. I didn’t have to convince them. They were just so impressed with how I had changed. Subconscious healing with Maria and the coaching and mentoring in the process is the best I have ever done for myself.”

— Client, Germany

“Before I started the program with Maria, I felt sad, confused, lost and had no idea as to where I could even begin with self-help. My thinking became my worst enemy. I was stuck in my habitual loop patterns from past domestication and programming. I could not see or imagine how these life-plaguing issues could change.
After working with Maria, I feel and know that I am worthy. My vision is focused on self-compassion and empathy for myself during my learning curbs. My boundaries are becoming clear and defined! I have so much self-love now that I laugh when old habits/patterns come up because they are looking foreign to me now. I feel clear and focused about what I want and what I don’t want because I take the time to allow myself to feel.

There was a BONUS result too – my husband and son’s personalities were somewhat affected in many positive aspects too.

I encourage anyone and everyone who is ready to make the change in their life to sign up for Maria’s program, which will make all the difference in their self-worth.
Since our work together, it’s been an amazing journey to say the least.”

— Susana S., USA

“Before my session with Maria I was struggling with past childhood trauma and the anxiety and depression that came with that heaviness. I was very nervous to try hypnosis and let go of control. Once I had the tools and guidance it was a beautiful experience. I was able to go within and see myself from the outside and connect and show compassion and love to those parts of me that were wounded. I have had great success with Maria’s program and would recommend anyone struggling with past wounds or daily anxiety to experience this wonderful program! I loved my connection with Maria. She is truly doing what her soul was meant to do. Holding space for individuals and gently guiding them to their best self. I felt so much love and safety around her and am so thankful for the experience.”

— Katie L.

“I came to Maria with the desire to change an inner closed loop dialogue that left me in the experience and belief that I wasn’t enough, words that brought on a feeling of helplessness and despair. It permeated all areas of my life but I especially wanted to transform this limiting belief and its effect on my relationship with my husband, my daughter, Spirit, my girl friends, and finances. Whenever I had any challenges or tensions arise in these areas, I ended up in this feeling of not being enough. I felt a definite change after my RTT session with Maria, specifically in my inner dialogue. I actually found a complete lack of self criticism! This isn’t something I have ever experienced. In the typical times I would be harsh with myself, it wasn’t occurring. I also no longer experience the feeling of not being enough, and I notice there is more love for myself in its stead. I would recommend RTT to anyone ready to shift something specific in your life that you’re really tired of experiencing, that you’re done with and ready to move on from. It takes some time and effort on your part, and getting really clear on what you want in your life (which is a gift in itself). Maria is a helpful, kind, intuitive and experienced RTT therapist who is easy to work with. Thanks Maria!

— 30day ‘Reclaim Yourself’ Transformation Package Client

“Thank you so much for working with me again yesterday, I feel like I had another major breakthrough. My chest is sore from the emotional intensity of yesterday, but I feel free from the obsessive thoughts….they just float by, barely sticking for a short time. It’s amazing the progress that I’ve made in the last year with your help….so funny because not that much has changed on the outside yet, but I don’t care because the inside is what matters. Whenever I have changed my thoughts and patterns about previous issues in my life (that I no longer have), I get to sit back and relax and watch my world shift with amusement and peace.

Thank you so much for filling that intense time for me with space, love and hope. Best gift of all.”

— Holly O.

“What a deep, insightful, and healing journey my RTT session with Maria was! I not only felt welcome from the first moment but completely safe and seen by her. Through Maria’s gentle, loving and intuitive guidance, I went back to the scene of my birth. Something I never imagined I could access. I am still amazed how clearly I saw and felt everything that was going on in the labor room back then. I always considered my birth as rather “smooth” and had no idea this moment had such a big impact on my whole life, my relationship to myself and to others. There definitely was a shift right after my session, the biggest shift yet came gradually with listening to my tape daily. The session and the recording definitely helped me to reach my desired outcome. I feel more self-acceptance and being ok the way I am. And I do not loose my center as much as I did before. Maria creates a safe and loving container to work within. She is sensitively tuned-in, asking the right questions at the right time and speaking the right words in the right moment. This allowed me to deeply re-connect with myself. A connection that has not faded since. Maria cares deeply and is notably passionate about her work and helping people. She truly is an emotional healer. Everybody who has the chance to work with her can feel extremely fortunate.

— Sibylle B.

“I experienced such a beautiful transformation in my journey with Maria. From the beginning I could feel her support and availability in the process. I did feel an immediate change. I had a profound dream the night after the hypnotherapy session. Since that time I was able to disregard old ways of being and felt an amazing new force and ability guiding me forward. Through the work of listening every night to my recording and allowing myself to think new thoughts about my ways in the world and my business,

I felt like my perspective and confidence completely shifted in a positive way. And from that, I developed my own business I had been wanting to do, completed all the necessary paperwork to make it official, and started selling products. All within a matter of months.

— Amber H.

“I gifted myself an RTT package with Maria for self-esteem, confidence. After my session I felt whole, strong and have so much self-love. I don’t let other things get under my skin such as negative comments. I feel so mature as well and believe in my own capabilities now. Besides RTT, she also brings other techniques to the table when necessary. Which makes it all so fascinating. Maria is very passionate in what she does and holds that sacred space for you. She makes you feel at ease, gives great insights, advice and chooses her words carefully. She is very patient and kind and also responds to emails in a timely manner. I don’t regret I chose her as my therapist and coach and would definitely recommend her to anyone. She made sure I benefited from the entire package. I experienced incremental change a day after my RTT session. I am happy with the results. I feel whole and have so much more self-love. I’ve been listening for over a month to my audio and still continue to listen. I really liked the incremental changes daily, how things fell in place and it all worked out for me. With that being said, it didn’t mean I didn’t face any difficulties, but I had great support from Maria. She equipped me with the right techniques besides RTT and that was really amazing, how she combines those things together.”

— Chevanie S.

“I am deeply grateful for the clarity, confidence, and centered awareness that I have gained from my Rapid Transformational Therapy experience. I am deeply grateful for the changes made in my life that are connected to my work with Maria.”

— Billy W.

“Before my work with Maria using RTT I was in a constant state of stress, anxiety, guilt, shame, and pain. Shameful about my past, confused about myself, loss of focus, mostly a state of anxiety or nothing-ness. It achieved what I was looking for, relief of my internal
pain. I immediately felt lighter, less stress, positive for the future. I also loved checking in with Maria, asking her questions and getting her insight.“

— Cayci E.

“My experience working with Maria was greatly rewarding. I have been struggling with certain limiting beliefs that have hindered me from moving forward in intimate relationships. I tend to discount my own needs while putting the needs of my partner(s) first and foremost. At some point, the relationship would overwhelm me and I would be mentally drained, as the relationship suffered. Maria quickly recognized this unhealthy dynamic and made me aware that I was not living my truth of who I am. The messages that I was giving myself were old programmed beliefs that were “running” my life by. With her intuitive skills and knowledge, Maria created a dynamic recording that challenged my limiting beliefs and instilled my real TRUTH!
My work with Maria achieved that shift I desired from living in my old programmed beliefs to knowing that I am worthy of love, respect, and a partner that has my best interests at heart like I do for a partner. I listened to my recording multiple times a day over the 30 day period (and I still listen to it!) and experienced a gradual shift as certain feelings were still “raw”. The intensity of the triggers that I was experiencing has greatly diminished while my belief in myself has accelerated. This whole experience was truly transforming. I have gone from living my life with unhealthy beliefs and behaviors to knowing that with this shift in my belief system I can find joy and purpose in my life despite the past or current difficulties that may come about.

— Brett, OH, USA

“I was introduced to Maria through a friend who I acquired in a group online self-improvement course that dealt with love relationships. I had gained a lot of respect for this friend after going through 5 weeks of sharing difficult assignments together, which was part of the course work. At one point, I realized, that, despite all of the learning and forgiving that I had done, I was being held back by an underlying sad hopelessness that I couldn’t seem to explain or shake off (for the last 20 years). It became apparent that I was going to need some extra help to understand why I was so sad and hopeless and to get past it, since it had been there for such a long time. I reached out to this person who had already given me much insight, also because we had some similar issues, and I received Maria’s contact information along with a glowing review. I researched her a bit more, and then spoke with her online through a Zoom interview before I decided to try my RTT session with her. As soon as I saw her through the Zoom interview, I had a very good strong feeling in my gut that this was going to be helpful. I introduced myself briefly and within 10 minutes she was able to help me identify the source of my sadness just by listening to me. She was very warm, humble and genuine. She was also very gentle and accepting, and all of these attributes coupled with my gut response made me eager to try this technique with Maria.
I filled out a questionnaire that was designed to help me dig deeper and focus on what I hoped to change. After filling out the forms, Maria and I met to discuss further, and to make sure we were on the same page. I felt very comfortable, very much seen and heard. I also felt her excitement at the chance to help me further my growth. It was very apparent that this was her passion.
My RTT session was intense, filled with very strong emotions and memories. However, I felt very safe and once again, very seen and heard, for each past memory that we revisited. I felt I was guided by a very warm caring person, and this enabled me to relax and really experience the hypnosis to the full extent.
I emailed Maria each day for a few days, asking questions and just letting her know how I was. She was very attentive, detailed, and timely in her responses, and also very caring. I felt the aftercare was every bit as warm as during the session itself. I continue to feel supported by Maria, and although it was a challenge to manage some of the emotions that also came after the session, I could tell that the emotions were now moving through me and no longer getting stuck. My sad outlook on love that I have been carrying around with me for over 20 years was completely gone after 4 days. I continue to feel hopeful about my love life, and although I still get bad thoughts on occasion, I am able to see through them, to understand why I had felt that way before, and most importantly to move on quickly. I have no doubt that I will find love, and for the first time in my life, I’m not in a hurry and I’m very content and peaceful in the now.
I would recommend Maria to anyone, because I really think she has a gift and a passion for this type of work. I am very grateful to her for participating so lovingly and caringly in my personal growth.

— Holly A., USA

“Maria, I just want to thank you for my transformation after our RTT session. I have been in talk therapy for years and never experienced the deep healing I have had with just one session with you. I went to deep painful places and broke open and put those pieces back together to become a stronger me. I was able to see and to connect to my experiences in such a deep and powerful way and true healing took place. Your presence, voice, and knowledge was such a place of comfort and peace deep within my soul. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ”

— RTT client USA

“In my opinion Maria was born to help others. I had struggled with certain issues for a long time and could not find any proper help until I was referred to her. Rapid Transformational Therapy and Maria’s soulful and loving guidance throughout the process have since paved my way to a near-miraculous recovery. Besides being a naturally gifted healer, Maria is just a wonderful person to know and interact with. Her encouraging energy is contagious, and it was quite obvious how much she cares about my long-term physical and emotional well-being. Maria’s passion and intrigue for her work are unparalleled and shine through with every word she utters, and most importantly, Maria made me feel completely comfortable to open myself up to her and be supported.”

— Julius D., France

“Maria is so gifted as an RTT Therapist. She has a way of making you feel so at ease from the first moments of talking with her. It is obvious she deeply cares for people and wants to help others be well. I have had hypnosis done before, once through the traditional means of hypnotherapy several years ago, and also with another RTT practitioner several months ago. But Maria has a true gift. She really honed in on getting to the root of my issue and helped me to uncover the deep cause. Even though I knew those scenes that came up were sore spots in my past, I didn’t realize until my RTT session with Maria, how much they still were causing me to hold on to limiting beliefs, and were the underlying reason I couldn’t move forward and put my issue behind me.

Not only that, but during my recording, she was so spot on with putting in the right words and phrases, even though some of them, she only discovered just minutes earlier during the session. She truly is amazing and has a great gift as an RTT Therapist. I highly recommend Maria with help in overcoming any issues that are holding you back. She will help you become the best version of you!”

— Amy T., Traverse City, MI

“I met with Maria because I was having sleep and anxiety issues. I was waking up in the middle of the night and then could not go back to sleep for hours. My mind would keep going over and over all the things that I needed to get done. Then I would wake up again 2 hours before the alarm and the anxiety about everything I needed to do returned. The night following my session with Maria, I did wake up but was able to go back to sleep and I did not wake up early in the morning. The following nights I was able to sleep peacefully through the night. The session with Maria helped me release the anxiety that was waking me during the night. It is so nice to sleep through the night and feel rested in the morning. Maria is warm and caring and I felt totally comfortable through the entire process. Thank you Maria for giving me back my sleep.”

— Colleen C, Denver CO

“I went to Maria for a personal problem I was having that involved not being able to trust myself.

Through hypnosis and Rapid Transformation Therapy, Maria was able to help me identify exactly where this limiting belief was coming from! In an hour and a half or so Maria was able to help me eliminate this belief that had plagued me for as long as I could remember. Boom! just like that gone! It was truly amazing.

Maria was so warm and understanding in her approach. I immediately felt safe and secure. I cannot thank Maria enough for this truly transforming event. I feel totally free and in control of my life! I highly recommend her. She is a truly are phenomenal and outstanding therapist. ”

— N. Vancouver, Canada

“I choose to work with Maria at a perfect time where I was committed and ready to make change. I was venturing in a newer profession that I was feeling very passionate about, but I would have a disproportionate amount of anxiety come up when I had needed to make phone calls for my business. This issue slowed me down and brought more way more struggle and emotional angst than necessary. In my RTT session with Maria, her guidance helped me to rather rapidly find a memory from my teenage years where I was forced to make a phone call after a very intense and unpleasant life experience. We addressed and rebooted this memory (along with other related memories) during the session. The recording Maria made that I used in the month that followed was a very powerful tool to recondition my own experience. I experienced changes rather rapidly and I would say that 90% of the struggles I had have dissipated. I have already decided to set another package with Maria to support another positive change I wish to make in my life. I highly recommend investing it an RTT package with Maria for help in clearing struggles that no longer serve you and support with you living a more fuller version of yourself.”

— Stephanie, Ashland OR

“Thank you Maria for the beautiful session. I was struggling to have confidence while moving forward on a new career path and I was really surprised at the things that came up during the session. The root cause of my issue was a lot deeper than I had expected. I have felt a natural and significant change in my approach to my new journey. I am so thankful to Maria for guiding me safely and comfortably through some very deep soul issues. I’m so impressed and feel somehow lighter inside. ”


“Maria is an empathetic professional who provided a safe space to uncover hidden emotions that were affecting my eyesight. As a highly qualified therapist, she guided me throughout the unknowing with her expertise and helped me understand the root causes; it really made sense. I am so glad that I got to learn what was affecting my eyesight. Now, I am well on my way to improved eyesight.

I would highly recommend Maria as a therapist and coach. She is not only a truly dedicated, understanding, trustworthy and warm person but also capable of getting to the root causes of any issues and help you transform to release any mental and emotional blocks.

We are equipped with a seemingly mysterious but tappable operating system called subconscious. It operates 95% of our life; all in the background. Understanding this operating system and reprogramming it in a way that is aligned with our purpose and desire is a great opportunity. Maria is well equipped to help you do this work on yourself. Empower yourself with Maria.”

— Boloorma B., Canada

“I think Maria has a gift for helping people. She cares very deeply about you and believes in you. Working with Maria helped me enormously to grow and to heal. She is a blessing. I would highly recommend her to others if they feel ready. I am calmer and more okay with just being me, I’m me and I love me. The healing was more gradual for me and I think I still have more work to do to fully heal. It is a journey, not a destination but I feel I came a long way with Maria’s guidance. I am now recognizing and seeing some of the mindsets that I had, I wasn’t even aware I thought some things. Also, I am feeling “unblocked”, before I couldn’t picture or even really talk too much about relationships and now I feel more open about it. I felt safe to tell Maria anything and that she was listening only to help and heal, that no matter what I said she understood.”

— Client, USA

“I had an amazing session with Maria today and it was enlightening. I went back to numerous scenes and soon found a pattern emerging. I went back to scenes I’d not thought of in years. It was a wonderful session and with Maria’s skill and insight I soon found the source of my issue and repeated behavior. I came away feeling relaxed and full of peace with an incredible sense of wellbeing and awareness. Thanks again, Maria.”

— Julia, Canada

Maria was guiding me through a difficult phase in my life, helping me to find my way through the emotional cliffs during the separation of my long-standing partner. Through her wise and empathic guidance she showed me a path to work through my inner wounds and guilt. She encouraged me to find out who I am and how to find more and more love for myself. Her gift to envelope and immerse me in divine frequencies and comforting angels, calmed my troubled heart and gave me the feeling of being loved.

I thank Maria from the depth of my heart for her miracle bringing work – literally. I am deeply touched by her joy to help people.”

— Magdalena W., Germany

“Maria welcomed me warmly and heartful in our session, which made it easy for me to relax, to trust and open my heart. I felt her undivided attention and loving appreciation during the whole session. Maria creates a sacred, just through this presence, healing space.

To all the themes I brought to our session Maria gave me very valuable and helpful reflections and messages, which concerned my inner child and were also opening the context to other spiritual realms. New impulses complemented what I perceived in myself.

The prayer, which she spoke for me at the end, enveloped and surrounded me with divine frequencies, which touched my heart deeply. Even today, a couple days later, I still feel held, comforted and guided by that.
I am very grateful for the experience Maria provided for me.”

— Christina H., Germany

“Thinking of my prayer session with Maria not only fills me with joy, but recalls a feeling of warmth and connectedness within me. With her calm and loving presence Maria creates a sacred and safe space where every feeling and every thought is welcome. I felt really seen by her. Her intuition goes right to the core. When Maria spoke the very personal prayer for me, weaving in my dearest wishes, I felt like I was sitting in a love-bath, and a space opened and expanded in me; peaceful and quiet. This session was one of the most nourishing experiences I ever had. It deeply touched my heart, my soul, and my being human.
Through a traumatizing experience in my teenage years I lost trust in a divine being. I miss it. With her own connection to the divine, speaking this prayer for me, it feels like Maria helped me to clear some of the thickest fog, making the path back to my own experience of the divine palpable. Thank you so much for this unique and healing experience, Maria!”

— Sibylle Z.

“The sound healing session with Maria has moved me on many levels. Maria is very intuitive, she sensed what I needed. She is very emphatic and spacious. This opened a space in me where I could connect with my guardian angels and it also allowed Maria’s prayer to be fully absorbed in my heart. I feel much more relaxed since the session.
I can highly recommend this healing work with Maria, words can not really describe the experience.”

— Heidi

“I needed support for a personal issue and asked Maria for a prayer session. I knew her before and her special connection to other realms. The session touched me very much. Maria really connects from heart to heart and I deeply trust her. During her prayer I felt loved and cared for. And it changed my relationship to prayer, which is profound since I used to struggle a lot with praying for myself.”

— Frank F., Germany

“Maria is a true healer. In our session, I experienced the presence of many angels surrounding and supporting me. Her messages for me were meaningful and helped me to feel the peace of my higher self and the support of Source. I left feeling renewed and full of faith to continue on the path of my heart. She is a divine feminine practitioner of the highest order and I highly recommend her.”

— Adena Tryon

“When I had my session with Maria, I felt so much invited into a quiet, love filled space, in which I can just say and feel everything without being judged or questioned about what I share. For me, her loving presence, her calming voice, as well as her very palpable connection to the Divine was balm for my soul and reminded me of my own innate connection with the divine. Her prayer, which she formulated after we spoke about the life issues I was asking support for, found its way deep into my being and resonated there with me. The beauty of the prayer she offered me is something I can recall over and over again by just remembering that I can always ask the Divine for support and guidance. I can highly recommend Maria’s services for anyone who is seeking for her/his own, very personal, individual connection with her/his own divinity.”

— Christina P.

“Maria’s prayer for my unborn child was one of the most beautiful gifts I could receive during my pregnancy. I felt a bigger love then my personal one love this little child. I felt how we are all held by this love, that my child was already perfectly taken care of in its essential nature, and that I just need to be there and nurture this already blessed being.”

— A. Spasic

“What a beautiful and magical experience to feel the different frequencies resonate in my body and being. I went to a New Years Eve ceremony with Maria and her crystal bowls, and got taken on a sound journey, and into a deep state of relaxation and rejuvenation. It was the perfect way to start the New Year! I can see how any ceremony could benefit from these beautiful sounds that connect you to yourself.”

— A. Spasic

“When I heard from Maria that she is offering spiritual counseling including the prayer I was excited and curious. Including prayer in a session was something I really loved to experience.
After she had asked, heard and felt and we spoke about my needs, wishes and questions for myself, she invited me to close my eyes and started her prayer.
It was stunning, how sacred I felt in that moment, connecting to my inner source, soul and essence and feeling the magic of the prayer through Marias’ voice and words. How she included everything I had told her and asked for, each burden or light in my heart.
The prayer felt like transforming my personal experience to a sacred moment, deeply connecting personal love and sacred love.
Even after we ended this experience, inside of me it did not end.
It is supporting me in my daily life; I deeply honor and thank you for this gift, Maria!
You are able to create and evoke those magic moments, which are living in everybody, but often forgotten and waiting to wake up. I feel and know that you are very sensitive in guiding others to find their inner doubts, questions & truths in themselves.
You have reminded me of my own powerful inner prayer, that is precious.”

— JM


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