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“ I have wonderful colleagues who each offer different topics and specialize in different areas. We all work together in making this world a better place across many time zones. For example, Sam and Shan are located in Australia, Melisa in New Zealand, and Jacqui in Jersey. “

Sam Ferres

Sam Ferres is a Confidence Coach for women entrepreneurs who are looking to hit $10k+ months with ease. She helps entrepreneurs to break through self-doubt, smash their income ceiling and show up unapologetically so they can create a huge impact in the world. Sam powerfully shifts their mindset for long-lasting results with Rapid Transformational Therapy and expert coaching skills. She lives and breathes her methods which is how she smashed through her own income limits and earned five-figures within five months in her business. Sam is now passionate about helping other entrepreneurs to do the same.

You can connect with her at:

Shan Withnell

Shan Withnell is an advanced RTT Clinical Hypnotherapist and Soul Coach with 30 years’ experience practicing many different modalities including remedial massage and intuitive healing. She runs a successful international practice from home on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Shan helps heart-centred women (40+) running small businesses, who are stuck, overwhelmed and procrastinating, to find clarity, focus and direction so that they can accelerate their business and personal growth, without selling their souls, and still have time for life.

You can contact Shan at :

Jacqui Carrel

BlockBuster Therapy’s clinical hypnotherapist, speaker, writer and course creator Jacqui Carrel specialises in ridding business people of the fears and anxieties that hold them back from reaching their potential and fulfilling their business dreams. Her bespoke packages include the use of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), her own very successful Mind Power Protocol (MPP) and discounted access to courses.

Find out more at :

Melisa Bassett

Melisa Bassett is a Hypnotherapist, Embodiment Coach, Energetic Healer and a trauma-informed Breathwork Facilitator. She is a philanthropic entrepreneur running multiple businesses from home in the heart of the wine region in Marlborough, New Zealand. She is a global coach who guides heart-led entrepreneurs back into alignment with their true essence, inner power and soul’s mission. Melisa is ruthlessly passionate about creating sustainable wellbeing to consistently scale businesses and empower clients to be their own healer.

Melisa looks forward to connecting via this link


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