Prayer Healing Session

“Allowing yourself to surrender to a higher power (in prayer) humbles your awareness to reach beyond the limitations and resistances of the ego.”

— Kaia Ra, The Sophia Code

“Our Emotions are the Pathway to the Divine.”

— Maria

Together we will find and pray your deepest prayer, so you can receive answers from your true self. By activating a path of self-love, through prayer and a sacred space, the unloved places within you will emerge to remind you how to embrace and love yourself in a deeper way. Love is the healing for our wounded hearts. The combination of prayer and counseling in a sacred space will help you with deeper self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and self-love. Our Divine Mother and all the angels are waiting to guide you to find your innate innocence and reconnect with your divine essence.

Your Prayer Healing Session may:

  • Give you an authentic feeling of your true divine nature
  • Heal or open your connection to the Divine
  • Heal unforgiveness through a divine experience of yourself
  • Enlighten you with your true self and innocent heart
  • Activate a path of self-acceptance and self-love through an experience of unconditional divine love in a sacred and loving container
  • Help you find your heart’s voice and truest desires
  • Be an inspiration for your own prayers

To schedule a session with Maria, please click and purchase your desired session. I will get back to you to schedule a session at your convenience and send you a questionnaire to help me better understand how I can assist you in our time together. Learn more about Prayer


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